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Cats With No Name
  What's New? This year we are focusing on the feral cat population in our community, by offering low cost spay/neuter to cats that are not pets. They may have taken up residency in an outside structure on your property (i.e., barn), under your porch or elsewhere in your neighborhood and are breeding out of control. We realize that while you may be kind enough to feed these unfortunates, you may not have the resources to have them vetted.

Before more unwanted kittens are born - Please take advantage of our SNIP program by completing the application LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SNIP PAGE.


Everyone Should Have A Home

Everyone Should Have Enough To Eat

  P.O. Box 236
Wauseon, Ohio 43567

Toll Free: 888-335-3916


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What To Know:
  • FCHS' Mission Statement is to offer sanctuary and care to homeless, neglected & abused domestic animals, and to provide humane solutions to reduce their numbers through education, medical-care, rehabilitation and re-homing.
  • Our county has over 2400 abused, neglected or homeless dogs & cats per year.
  • Ours is the only county in Ohio w/out an animal shelter
  • Fulton used to have a HS that served only cats, and did not own a shelter - was active from 1981-2001
  • We are not affiliated with any other humane or animal organization
  • We do not have a political agenda and we are very sensitive that we live in a agricultural area
  • FCHS receives no government funding (local, state of federal) and rely solely on donations
  • Pets are being displaced at an alarming rate due to home foreclosures
  • All donations are tax deductible (501(C)(3)
  • FCHS is completely organized with: Board of Directors, Executive Officers, Auxiliary Board (60+ members Strong)
  • Our Auxiliary Board was developed for sustainability and community awareness/outreach.
  • Also for sustainability we have positions for Fundraiser Coordinator & Corporate Sales

  When getting your license plates renewed - show the world that you support pets with Pet Friendly plates! Click HERE for details!

If you can't adopt - foster.

If you can't foster - sponsor.

If you can't sponsor - donate.

If you can't donate - volunteer.

If you can't volunteer - educate, social-network and crosspost.

Complete a Foster App.

Complete a Volunteer App.

Or, become a Member!


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