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Become a Member!

If you are looking for a worth while cause to belong to, why not start right here at home by supporting FCHS. Become a FCHS member today!

As an FCHS member - you'll receive your own Critter Card! Just by using your membership card a few times, your membership pays for itself - Plus its tax deductible!

Click HERE to see more of FCHS' Membership Perks...

Become a Volunteer!

Whether you like to run the show or work behind the scene - We have a place for you! Join our Fundraising Team and be the change in Fulton County

Click HERE to complete a Volunteer Application today!

Other Ways to Help:

Thank you so very much for contributing to your Fulton County Humane Society. We have a 501.C.3 charity status which means your donation is tax deductible! Your receipt will include 501.C.3 number needed for your deduction.

Our mailing address is: P.O. Box 236, Wauseon, Ohio 43567. Or, you can call us toll free at: 888.335.3916.
We are also thrilled to receive other donations such as:

OFFICE SUPPLIES: Printer paper, printer ink, writing utensils (pens, pencils, permanent parkers, etc.), paper clips, scotch tape, staples, scissors, manila folders, sticky notes, wirebound notebooks, notepads of paper, etc

CLEANING SUPPLIES: Bleach, pinesol, squirt bottles, large scrub brushes, 3-6 gallon buckets, squeegees, garden hoses, hoses nozzles.

CLOTH SUPPLIES : Large bath towels, blankets, sheets, hand towels, wash clothes.

OTHER SUPPLIES: Large trash bags (33-55 gallon), small trash bags (13 gallon), antibacterial dish soap, antibacterial hand soap, dishwasher soap, laundry detergent, leashes and collars (dog and cat), toys (dog and cat), batteries (AA,AAA), hand lotion, hand sanitizer.

Again, we can not thank you enough for supporting our community's disadvantaged animals.


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