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Everyone should have a home!

Lost or found pet? Want to adopt or rehome a pet? As you know, Fulton has no animal shelter. However, we realize that for various reasons - pets are relocated. If you have lost, fond, want to adopt or need to find a pet a home, complete a PET SITUATION APP, and we will post an ad for you on our website, Petfinders, Facebook and Twitter.

After you have completed the application (if you are looking to rehome a pet) you need to forward a photo of your pet to FultonHumaneSociety@gmail.com. Make sure you include your pets name with the pic attachment so we know which application to match him/her with.

If you are rehoming a pet - please be sure that you screen potential pet parents. By reviewing the Dog & Cat applications below - you will know what questions to ask.

If you are interested in adopting a dog, please complete an Adopt A Dog Application.

If you are interested in adopting a cat, please complete an
Adopt A Cat Application.

Thanks for trusting FCHS to help you with your pet rehoming needs.

This smart girl found the perfect home. Bob takes her everywhere with him. They both have filled an empty spot in their lives. What a wonderful ending!


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