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Community Partners!
Although we support the notion "Can't vet it? Don'g get it!" We also realize that during economically challenged times, people may need extra help. If it's between having your pet vetted or paying the utility bills, vet care is second on the list. For Fulton County residents who are on *assistance, in conjunction with our community partners & grant funding, we are able to offer veterinary care at the following reduced prices,

Reduced Vet Costs

Northwest Veterinary Hospital: $15 male, $25 female Delta, OH 43515 • 419-822-5030

Hillcrest Hospital: $15 male, $35 female Rt 127 (north of Fayette) 517.286.6825

The following pricing is for Humane Ohio
  Humane Ohio, Humane Ohio, 3131 Tremainsville Toledo OH 43613 419-266-5607

Male or female $45
Male or female on assistance * $25
Free-roaming cats ** $ 25

Male or female under 70# $65
Male or female 70# - 99# $75
Male or female over 100# $110
On Assistance *
Male or female $50
70 – 99 # $60
100 # and over $110

  * Assistance - Medicaid, Food Assistance, WIC, SSI, Section 8 Public Housing, the Heat Assistance Program or OWF (Ohio Works First)
** Free-roaming cats - feral cats must come in a humane trap and receive an eartip

All spay/neuter surgeries include brief physical exam and pain medication.

If the pet parent cannot afford our spay/neuter prices, HO may refer them to other area groups who might have spay/neuter money available to help the pet parent further off-set our partner's price, or HO may make further financial assistance if funding is available.

HO Additional Pricing
Anesthesia fee (if put under and don’t do spay/neuter surgery) $10
Cryptorchid (male only – if testicle is not descended) $15
Exploratory charge (if anesthetized and incision made) $15
Umbilical hernia repair $15

Additional services and vaccines (available at the time of the spay/neuter only):

Nail trim $5
Capstar single dose for dogs or cats $5
Cardboard pet carrier $5
Advantage Multi (flea & parasite treatment) for cats or dogs $15/dose
Rabies vaccine $6
Bordatella vaccine $15
Canine distemper vaccine (DA2PP) $15
Feline distemper vaccine (FVRCP) $15
Elizabethan collars $12

**Prices are subject to change without notice.**



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