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Become a Foster Parent!

They need you - we need you! Please click here to complete a foster application, and change a life today!

Please click here to view FCHS' Foster Manual. Your kindness & generosity for those less fortunate will be rewarded in countless ways!


During our effort to change Fulton County’s status of being the only county in Ohio without an animal shelter, we recognize the need for immediate assistance.

SNIP (Spay Neuter Immunize Pets) & FLIP (Foster Living Into Permanency) works as the Fulton County Humane Society’s Virtual Shelter (until we get brick & mortar.) We provide services that will improve the quality of our community by relieving the burden of unwanted animals.

FLIP = Foster Living Into Permanency

FLIP is the re-homing aspect of our attempt to give unfortunate pets a second chance.

Foster Families will be certified by going through periodical pet educational trainings.

Home Visits (prior to and during placements) will ensure a good match between foster families & pets.

To ensure re-homing, foster families & available pets will attend Adoption Events

To support Foster Families - Pet Food and Vet Services will be provided along with a caseworker who will be available to help with placement issues.

A thorough application process will help ensure the success of each foster placement and reduce disrupted adoptions. The application process will include an interview, reference checks and committee approval.

For more information call: 888-335-3916

Fostering Special Needs: Fostering Special Needs:

Are you a nurturer and care taker? Consider our pets who need a bit of TLC while they prepare for their forever homes:

Pregnant Moms or Moms and Babies
Mom and babies require extra TLC! Babies must wait in homes until they are old enough to be spayed or neutered.

Bottle Baby Care or Orphaned Babies
Kittens, puppies and baby bunnies who lack a mother or are too young for adoption are placed in a foster care. Animal Friends’ medical staff coordinates all required vaccinations and surgeries while the babies are in foster care.

Medical Care
These are animals with specific medical needs. (For example, they maybe recovering from surgery - or need time to overcome an illness.)

Behavioral Rehabilitation
This is for animals who require training, specialized observation, and/or socialization before they can be adopted. They are sent into a qualified foster home to receive the appropriate training and care.

Hospice Care
These are animals who require loving care for the remainder of their lives.

Reasons to Foster Kitties: Reasons to Foster Kitties:

With shelters overflowing and many people needing temporary care for their pets while they find new housing or weathering a crisis, fostering is even more important these days. It provides an invaluable service to FCHS. Since we have no brick & mortar shelter - we depend on fostering to rescue dogs & cats. Kittens, especially, are very susceptible to viruses and diseases because their immune system hasn’t fully developed. That’s why FCHS needs to place all of our kittens in foster homes. It gives them a better chance of staying healthy. We encourage everyone we know to foster. We heard some excuses – er, reasons, why people can’t or don’t want to foster. Hopefully, the following will answer just about every single one of them.

“I DON’T HAVE THE SPACE” − All it takes is a small spare bedroom or office, a bathroom, or even a corner where you can set up a cage, which you can borrow from PK. While we do need foster cats to stay separate from your own, it doesn’t take much space to do that. And remember, whatever space you have at home is probably more than the dog/cat has here at the shelter now!

“I MIGHT GET ATTACHED” − OK, yes, you might. But, be strong! You can do it! There are some fosterers that kept a cat or two, but not the 60 that followed! Remember, when you foster a cat, it gives room to help other cats that might otherwise be brought to shelters that euthanize for time and space. It also lets us learn more about a cat’s personality than we ever could in a shelter environment, which, in turn, makes the cat much easier to adopt out. And, you have the opportunity to choose the right family for your foster. It is extremely rewarding to see your foster going to a loving, caring family. YOU made it happen!

“MY OWN CATS WON’T TOLERATE A FOSTER CAT, ESPECIALLY AN ADULT” – If you keep your foster in a separate room, it won’t be much of a problem. Your cats may be a little upset at first, but they’ll get over it pretty quickly, especially if you wash your hands after visiting with the foster cat and keep the cats from seeing each other if possible. Or, try fostering kittens! Usually, in the beginning, they are kept in a kitty cage. This helps them feel secure until they adjust to the new sounds and smells around them. It also keeps them from getting into trouble!

“I CAN’T AFFORD TO TAKE ANOTHER CAT”− Problem solved! If you have a struggling income - FCHS can supply food, litter, and medical care. If you buy your own supplies for fosters, save the receipts so you can take a tax deduction.

“A SHELTER CAT MIGHT GET MY OWN CATS SICK” – If you follow basic health protocols, such as washing your hands between handling cats and wearing an over-shirt when handling the foster cat, you shouldn’t have any problems. A sick cat should be kept in a separate room, and bedding/clothing should be washed with bleach after use.

“SOMEONE ELSE WILL SAY YES. THERE ARE PLENTY OF FOSTER HOMES” – They won’t and there aren’t. It’s that simple. Please help us.

“I ALREADY HAVE A FOSTER CAT” – All right. Well, wouldn’t your foster kitty like a friend?.

Reasons to Foster Doggies! Reasons to Foster Doggies!

You all have heard of the benefits of fostering a dog (you know, save a life, learning experience for kids, making a difference in the world, etc.) But the following are reasons you may not have considered:

1. You get aeration of the soil and mole and squirrel prevention all in one.

2. Weekly dozens of unique organic statues are created outside (mostly).

. You will love finding a perfect adoption application after sorting through many just to get our foster in the perfect home.

4. When dog hair becomes a scarce product your’re going to make millions.

5. No neighbor cats have been seen in months.

6. You will enjoy having plenty of potential space in your home and find that they all want to be within the 1 ft square area you are in and a lot closer when you’re eating.

7. When you plant something in the wrong spot they let you know by digging it up.

8. They never say. “Oh crap, the people are home!”, unless there is an organic statue on the floor.

9. They let you know that expensive items have the same value as their cheapest chew toy.

10. When they speak they really have something important to say.

How can you resist - Save a life today!



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