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  During our effort to change Fulton County’s status of being the only county in Ohio without an animal shelter, we recognize the need for immediate assistance.

SNIP (Spay Neuter Immunize Pets) & FLIP (Foster Living Into Permanency) works as the Fulton County Humane Society’s Virtual Shelter (until we get brick & mortar.) We provide services that will improve the quality of our community by relieving the burden of unwanted animals.

Spay Neuter Immunize Pets Spay Neuter Immunize Pets

SNIP is the clinical aspect of our program to reduce the number of abused, neglected and homeless pets. By partnering with multiple vets - we offer the community:>

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Program

Low Cost Vaccine Program

All pets in the FCHS System will be vetted while in foster and altered prior to adoption.

Currently we are focusing on the feral cat population in our community, by offering low cost spay/neuter to cats that are not pets. They may have taken up residency in an outside structure on your property (i.e., barn), under your porch or elsewhere in your neighborhood and are breeding out of control. We realize that you may be kind enough to feed these unfortunates, you may not have the resources to have them vetted.

The current cost is $25 for female cats and $15 for male cats, which is due to the vet at the time of surgery. FCHS will pay the balance through funding from grants and membership donations.

To participate please complete this application AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE. After submitting - you will receive an email confirming your approval and which local vet has agreed to alter your cat(s). (Cats must be 12 weeks old, and recipient must live in Fulton County.)

Thank you for being a proactive member of our community and helping to solve this overwhelming problem.

Everyday 70,000 puppies and kittens are born.

20,000 Pets are Euthanized everyday - Its a painful reality that we often ignore.

An animal is Euthanized every 2 seconds.

64% of all shelter animals are only euthanized because of lack of homes.

Animal overpopulation has become a crisis in the United States.

Myths Myths

“My Dog is purebred, so I can breed him”

25% of all shelter dogs are Purebred

“My pet is male, I will have no litters.”

#1 reason for overpopulation – male animals escape to find females.

“I paid good money for my pet, I should get some of it back.”

It is far more expensive to have litters than S/N.

“They will get fat and lazy”

Pets get fat due to diet & lack of exercise.

“Personality will change."

Most animals change as they mature. Without a sex drive, pets are usually more agreeable

"Having at least one litter will calm my female down."

Calmness come with age, training and a comfort level in the home.

  CLICK HERE To apply for SNIP reduced spay/neuter services.



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